Building A Brand

What would it take to build an image from the ground up? I attended a seminar last night put on by the Western Washington Chapter of the American Advertising Federation, AAF Seattle. I happen to be launching an apparel website later  this week, and asked for the best advice the panelists could give someone so fresh and new to the game. There was a lot of great information on the latest tools and technology; temporary methodologies which are important but will be irrelevant quickly.

I also received some advice that was a bit more like a diamond. This advice has been true since the history of brands. Here are the two KEY takeaways I got when I asked about building a new brand from scratch:

  1. Do one thing REALLY well.
  2. Continuity.

And these two things work best together, as a team.

Do One Thing Well

You want to do one thing so well that people will come back for it. Maybe it’s something as simple as telling jokes, or perhaps it’s information on a topic in which many people are interested.¬† It could be a service people have trouble getting elsewhere. They point is that you do this thing SO well that people would want to come back for it. It’s what you’re (or your brand is) memorably good at.

Do It With Continuity

Execution is key! Do the thing you’re great at regularly. Set yourself a schedule to do it weekly, daily, monthly, depending on your ability. Do it as much as possible, and even do some of it for free! Act like it’s your favorite thing in the world, the only thing you want to do, your purpose on this planet. Let people know when to expect you and you’ll have them coming back every time. Don’t focus on selling, just focus on giving.

How They Work Together

This will make you market like a celebrity rather than like just some company. People will become excited about you! They’ll come back wondering, “hat’s next? What’s next?” And you can sell something on the side. Gary Vaynerchuk put it like this: “Give value. Give value. Give value. And then ask for business.” People will buy from you if you have them coming to you regularly for content, and you also occasionally mention your store or something that makes you money (your store, your brand).

Thank you.

A big thank you to the people who loaded me with business cards and great advice after the seminar. You all seemed like great people. Nik Amar, Forrest Sallee of, Michael Huang, Philip Bruno of M&C Saatchi Mobile, and of course AAF Seattle. You all were a blast!

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